The concept of iQ3R began in late 2015 when Peter Alexander, now the Chief Information Officer realized that adaptive learning methods could be used to structure course content. At that time, Peter was working on his own online learning business when he met Raymond Wang, now CEO, the father of one of his students. As Peter and Raymond got to know each other more, they realized that there was real gap in the online learning industry. While many companies in Asia specialize in online learning, they do not have access to the U.S. educational standards based instructional materials, nor do they understand how to feature quality teaching opportunities in a way that attracts professional educators.


As an extremely successful business person, Raymond realized the importance of grounding an international education business in the United States. Having a passion for education, he also really wanted to fill that gap that exists in the online education industry. Having worked as a professional educator and consultant for over 20 years, Peter had a vision for how to put together a team of highly specialized educators with low turnover. With Peter’s connections within the data science community, he also realized how meaningful contributions to the online education experience could be made available through the use of technology. After many discussions, Peter, Raymond and the senior staff of Raymond’s company, Global Brands Management, decided to start the iQ3R project during the summer of 2018.


Since then, we have designed over 60 standards-based courses in mathematics and English using an assessment based adaptive learning model. We are currently researching the use of this model with online instruction. Our teaching staff consists of highly trained professional educators from all over the United States. As we move forward we will be using scientific methods to maintain consistency of instruction and furnish our educators and customers with sound predictive analytics.